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With fewer people downloading and using traditional mobile apps, travel companies are now exploring other opportunities to communicate with consumers. A travel bot help save users’ time, plan their trip or provide travel recommendations and all this is available on their favourite messaging app such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp, with no need to download any new apps. The benefits and rewards are boundless and that is why smart travel brands have been adopting this tech-disruptive trend.

In this post, I’m going to look at the top 4 chatbots every savvy traveler should be using:

The Travel Professor

The new bot on the block but a must have for any savvy traveler. The Travel Professor asks you 5 questions and based on your answers provides travel destination ideas. With over 1,500 unique destination recommendations, the results are great and provide ample inspiration. The real hook of the bot is the cheap flight alerts which you must opt-in for, The Travel Professor will search online airfare systems to find you the best offers matching your travel preferences, on average you can expect 2 to 4 alerts per month (UK only). Unlike other cheap flight alert services, The Travel Professor is free for everyone, configurable and highly personalised.

Instalocate allows users to track flight statuses in real time. Just enter the flight number for the flight you want to track, and it will provide you with detailed insights, including the city the airplane is currently flying over, the flight duration, and when it is due to arrive at the airport. Instalocate is a compensation company, so if you experience any delays (and they’ll know!) they will guide you through the claim process. It’s more than just a clever company marketing tool, it can help convert flight delays into cash.

CheapOair is a straight forward chatbot but one cool feature is that the travel bot shows you the 10 cheapest flights when you enter your destination information and provides you an option to look at the next 10 airfares.

Skyscanner’s chatbots (across a range of platforms) have already surpassed 1 million traveler interactions. Send the Skyscanner bot a message and it will help you search for flights. You can type your destination, departure airport and dates, it functions more like a traditional mobile app rather than a chatbot. The bot also categorises flights in unique ways, such as the shortest, best and cheapest. The bot works best when you know where and when you want to go although you can enter “anywhere” which provides some interesting suggestions.

What other travel bots would you recommend?

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